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Save on Streaming Services with SoFi

SoFi just announced that they are offering 20% cashback on streaming services and DoorDash. This comes at a time when most of us are staying at home and making the most out of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and so on.

Which Streaming Services Are Included?

It seems like all of the popular streaming services qualify for 20% back.

  • NetFlix
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Disney+
  • Hulu
  • HBO Now
  • CBS All Access
  • Spotify
  • Pandora
  • Google Play Music

The services that are not included are the TV-related services (like AT&T Now, YouTubeTV, etc.). I have reached out to SoFi and confirm that it is only the services listed above, unfortunately.

How to Get 20% Cashback using SoFi Money?

The process is seamless. There is no promotion or special offer that needs to be activated. All you have to do is change the payment method to your Sofi Money account. Within 2-4 days of the purchase, 20% of it will be automatically credited to your account.

What is SoFi Money?

SoFi Money is a fee-free online bank account that earns interest. It comes with an ATM card that can be used worldwide for free. All ATM withdrawal fees are automatically reimbursed.

Get a SoFi Money Account Today

If you don’t already have a SoFi Money account, you can sign up here. You’ll get $75 after making two direct deposits of $500 or more. Easy money!

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