Redondo Beach Marina from Balcony

Hotel Review: Crowne Plaza Redondo Beach

As I mentioned in my Rant Against IHG, I recently had a 2 night stay at the Crowne Plaza in Redondo Beach, CA. I was there for a friend’s wedding and was with several of my friends under different reservations.  … read more

Rant: Changing IHG Hotel Reservation

It seems like IHG (Intercontinental Hotels) has been making blog headlines lately.  They’ve had a number of not so minor IT issues and recently changed the terms of a possibly lucrative promotion midway through the promotion period.  I can somewhat … read more

Review: Lakehouse Hotel and Resort

The Lakehouse Hotel and Resort is a charming hotel on the shore of Lake San Marcos, near Carlsbad, CA.  It is on the small side with only 142 rooms, which includes suites and lake-side cottages. I recently had the pleasure … read more

RoadID Sale 25% Off Badges

Last week when I wrote about First2Baord Sessions in Seattle, I mentioned that I’m a proponent of road safety, particularly for bikers and runners.  RoadID makes high visibility clothing, as well as easily wearable personal identification products.  These ID products … read more